Constraints can assume many differents forms, physical or not they affect our lives in a such deceitful unavoidable way. Things can grow up in a pillory without any kind of awareness, as a yoke forcing them to follow pre-determined paths, leading to physical or ideological slavery. A spiral descent to the imprisonment. An invisible conditioning, from the tender age, like enveloping glass. An experience of unavoidable incommunicability, like reflecting monads, living their existence in isolate shells suffering within an impenetrable mirror. A compartmentalized society, where generations have built their legacy, consolidating the strongest iron bars of the biggest prison ever imagined. Plenty of beings live their day walking straight along a narrow line in an immense field, unaware of the infinite crossing their path. Sometimes even with this awareness, but dispossesed of the capabilities,lacking the will which makes any kind of deviation possible. Utter resignation.

Prisons like a self-constructed wall embodying the most everlasting relief of stability, like a reference, impossible to be left behind. Fooled by a mirrored deception like maddening fools we hum freedom songs through fences.